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Momentum - 2 Steps to Realign Stray Projects

the symbol of the triskelion features the powerful energy of the triple spiral in a rotational symmetry.. I use this shape when working on projects that require constant flow in order to maintain momentum

I love this word. It contains within it the dualities of presence and forward propulsion. It begins with a 'moment', a snapshot of now, yet together the whole word means building movement until the object, situation, business etc. takes on a life of its own, literally able to move by itself.

Momentum is a physics term; it refers to the quantity of motion that an object has. Momentum depends upon the variables of mass (resistance to acceleration when force is applied) and velocity (speed). In terms of an equation, the momentum of an object is equal to the mass of the object times the velocity of it.

Now let's stretch this equation into a real life example, like a project that is calling for completion.

Have you ever heard of the saying "once begun is half done"? Any project can stay half done if the momentum stops, or goes rogue. What happened? It's a great idea, you've thought it through, written about it, connected with others about it... The project began gaining its momentum so what happened? If the project still holds meaning and potential, it's time to examine all personal belief systems and self talk that may be holding you back from follow through (resistance to acceleration). Here's my best analogy for aligning belief systems with a project's potential energy:

Imagine that the project in its entirety is a big ball. It's heading in a direction according to all the ways you're feeling about it. If your thoughts and feelings are not aligned with the energy of completion or success, the project will be on a runaway trajectory or lead to a dead end. How can you set a new course or realign the energy? First, we must catch and observe those unfavourable foredrawn conclusions and misaligned patterns. Acknowledge them, feed them love, realign and let sidetracking energies and opinions go. It sounds simple, and I know it isn't always so, but it's worth getting assistance with this part when the project is dear to you. When we call ourselves out honestly about what holds us back, we literally slow down the velocity of the ball until it finally stops. I call this the neutral zone. The ball must stop before it's able to pivot and turn into the direction of the most favourable outcome.

The next step is to regain momentum in your chosen direction. To do this, you must replace those old beliefs & thoughts with ones aligned with the project. Now it's time to look at the 'ball' in your new light of understanding. Build momentum based on the changes you've made to the size, density, mass, speed of the project. You'll find that your 'ball' a.k.a. project, will soon take on momentum toward your new trajectory. If you'd like assistance with the completion of a project using this technique, connect with me.

May your field remain clear for take off! HH

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