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We can get there if we are fully here

These words are my mantra. Their meaning is woven throughout my expression of my soul's earthly purpose and the fabric of my being. A call to presence, a master teaching from my spirit guides.

A number of years ago, my life had taken a number of turns for the worse resulting in a major breakdown. At the peak of my overwhelm, I had a fall and my head hit the pavement. Hard. In an instant, I had lost all sense of familiarity of myself and those around me. Even my children. It has been a long healing road, revealing a full spectrum awakening. Two years later, I had another serious fall down the stairs, this time leaving me with more obvious bodily injuries and deeper inner doors to open. It was a call to understanding myself so thoroughly, that there was nowhere left to hide my shadows, troubles or traumas. I had built up so many painful memories throughout the years, that they had literally crippled me into submission. I felt I had a spiritual intervention. A reset of sorts. Being forced to forget, allowed me to remember in doses. One of the first channelled messages I received during this time was, "Beloved, you can get there if you are fully here." My loose personal history invited me to process the thick layers of trauma and drama using methods that I had to develop myself in order to manage the unpredictable floods of emotions and uncovered story fragments. I was ironically in control of my thoughts for the first time when I lost my memory, being of zen mind had it's advantages. By forgetting my past, I couldn't help but be fully in the moment, fully present. I felt hyper-aware of my surroundings and engaged with the subtle whispers of nature and my spirit guides. Life made sense in a simple way. The more memories I recovered, the more I realized that I had burdened my heart, mind and body with an overflow of unresolved looping stories. Who am I .... really? Is my personal identity fully formed by my memories? I discovered that it isn't. I was still a whole person in the world without a single memory of my past. The power of being fully in the moment can't be expressed with words. The freedom of release, if even for a few moments, is profound.

And so our future awaits. Informed by our past stories that are made up of present moments. We have dreams and desires for our life. Can we get there? Yes. In rewriting ~ re-remembering our past to reflect the potential for our best future, in focussing on creating fabulous present moments so that our past becomes a joy to draw upon. We can get there...anywhere you can imagine...if we are fully here.

May your field remain clear for take off


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