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Hello, I’m Hollyhawk. My artist journey began when I started working in the art departments of the film and TV industry. I mainly designed sets and props and loved working with colour, texture and anything small and intricate. Once the media industry and I parted ways, I ventured into painting & multi media until I came across resin by divine circumstance. I had been interested in the science of energy for a long time and began researching the work of Wilhelm Reich. I studied resonance, toroidal fields, magnetics and electricity. Fascinating stuff! The journey lead me to creating amulets and pyramids in resin. I used embedments, minerals, metals and crystals to create an energetic charge through the compression of these elements inside the hardened resin. Since then I have created hundreds of pieces for others from all over the world from my studio in Barrie, Ontario. 

I am truly a country girl and am inspired by nature's colours, flow and textures & I bless each of my pieces in a sacred river in northern Ontario. I am truly blessed to express my soul’s purpose on earth by sharing my love light and imbuing everything I create with the energy of my golden heart.


May your field remain clear for takeoff!


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Handmade Auric Field-clearing Alchemy by Hollyhawk ▲ Created intuitively with love in Barrie, Ontario 💜 View the full collection at

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